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Birmingham Municipal Bank was first set up after WW1 as a savings bank for the citizens of Birmingham, by Neville Chamberlain, the Lord Mayor of the city at the time. The first head office of the bank was situated in various offices on Edmund Street, sharing space with the Water Dept.

As the bank grew over the next decade, the space became inadequate and a site for a new head office building was allocated, on Broad Street, where the first Lee Longlands furniture store had been situated. On 22nd October 1932, the foundation stone was laid, and the building was officially opened by HRH Prince George on 27th November 1933.

The safe deposit was the largest of its type in the area and ‘designed in such a manner as to give the finest security of any known type of engineering construction.’ It originally contained 4,640 safes - a further 5,888 were later added as demand grew, utilising the previously open floor space — Ally Standing


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