Chamonix   2023

Witley Court    2023

On a hot day with clear blue skies Witley Court in Worcestershire is more akin to a ruin in Rome.

Ham Street Wines   2023

Situated just outside the village of Hamstreet in Kent, Ham Street Wines is in the heart of a real hot spot for quality English wine.

In 2019 Lucie and Jules planted over 16,000 vines across 10 acres with a mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Bacchus and Pinot Gris. Their first harvest was in 2022 with the first wines being released in 2023. I spent 3 weeks at Ham Street working their second harvest and documenting the process.

Binham Priory    2022

I stumbled across Binham Priory whilst spending 10 days in Norfolk. Originally seen on a bright sunny day I revisited on an overcast day to capture the series you see here.

Cooling Towers    2018

Construction began: 1954
Completed: 1960
Decommissioned: 1998
Height: 300ft
Mouth: 145ft
Throat: 122ft
Base: 218ft