Shutter    2017

Recalling the work of the Abstract Expressionists, Bird’s Shutter uses a clear vocabulary of visual art consisting of lines, basic colours and simplified shapes. Adopting the same viewpoint for each one, there is a dogged, joyful emphasis on line and colour so that each image maintains simplicity and clarity of vision. It is precisely by extracting them from their context and looking beyond their functionality that the neat compositions of large areas of colour produce a contemplative response in the viewer. Yet at the same time, these same core structures are subject to subtle, yet detailed, variations that invite scrutiny. It is this close examination that evokes a more immediate connection between the viewer and the object. Each scratch, greasy finger mark and area of peeling paint reveals its recent and ancient history reminding the viewer of the object’s function and industrial background. - Jennie Anderson

Size: 120 x 90cm
Edition: 5 + 2 AP’s